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Read what our patients are saying:

"I can see! It's truly amazing. There is no way to put into words the miracle of sight. I have already told several of my friends and business associates about the LASIK surgery. It can surely change your life."

J. Kenny Crow, Jr.

"It's been wonderful being free of glasses. They were always in the way. I would do it again in a second!"

Dr. Martin L. Howard, Jr., MD

"The results of my LASIK surgery have far surpassed my expectations. I was pleased enough to suggest to my wife that she have her eyes corrected also, which she did. I would recommend the procedure to anyone."

Ben Bailey, III

"Dr. Harrison has been my eye doctor since I was seven, so I trusted his recommendation for LASIK and was thrilled with the results. Now I don't even think about my vision!"

Donna Goodrum

"I was surprised how easy the procedure went. It's great not wearing glasses and being able to wear regular sunglasses!"

Bill Moore,
Director of Hardware SSI group

"Dear Doctor Harrison,
I just wanted to write you a thank you note for the superb job you and your staff did with my LASIK surgery. I have had a pair of glasses on my face every day of my life since the age of eight. I am now 47 years old, and this constitutes virtually all of my life. I have gone from 20/400 to 20/20 vision in a completely pain-free procedure. I can not express how truly wonderful this has been. Thank you very very much."

B.B. Coker, Pharmacist

"Dr. Harrison corrected my near sighted vision through the use of LASIK Surgery. The Surgical Procedure took several minutes to perform, with no pain or discomfort. Since the surgery, my eyesight is very good without the use of glasses. For many years, I could not leave the house until I found my glasses, but that is no longer a problem. Prior to the surgery, I had to get new glasses about every 1-2 years, with a cost of $150, but that is no longer an expense that I will incur in future years. The cost of the procedure would be far less than the purchase of new glasses over the next 10-12 years. It is getting easier to remember that I don't have to find my glasses to watch TV, drive the car, etc."

Ron Morrison

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